Family Violence

Violence in the family setting can take many forms, both subtle and explicit. As set out in the Family Law Act, these can range from physical, emotional, mental, economic or psychological abuse, to various forms of power imbalance. Violence can involve spouses, children, your relatives and elders. At times, there are cross cultural considerations that are also at play.

At Peterson Stark Scott, Surrey based family lawyers, as family dispute resolution professionals, we routinely screen for such risks.

We will explore your concerns with you, attempt to help lessen the impact of family violence, and keep you as safe and comfortable as possible when dealing with your family law matters. The manner in which you deal with family law issues can only be determined by reference to all available option to resolve family law disputes, including both out of court options and court based options. Where appropriate, we also recommend court action, police involvement, or assistance of appropriate counselling or family services agencies.

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