Family Law

Family law has evolved over the past few decades. Part of that evolution has been a greater emphasis, where possible, on out-of-court dispute resolution. While at one time most family law issues went to litigation, now the emphasis is on reaching agreement outside of court.

At Peterson Stark Scott, we are focused on helping clients achieve the solutions that work best for their families. We are proud to be family dispute resolution professionals, with training in mediation and other processes. We are also ready to provide assertive courtroom representation when trial is the right option for our clients.

Comprehensive Legal Experience

Issues that affect the family involve diverse legal areas. When you get divorced or separated, you may have to decide how to split the family business. Part of your family's assets may have a complex valuation. Because members of our team are business, corporate and estate lawyers, you can rely on us to advise you regardless of the nature of your issue.

Among the subjects on which our family law lawyers can advise are:

Lawyers at Peterson Stark Scott also maintain ongoing professional development and education, remaining at the forefront of the changing law in British Columbia. With this commitment, we are able to serve our clients with the strong advocacy they need to resolve their legal matters.

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From our office in Surrey, Peterson Stark Scott lawyers assist clients throughout the Fraser Valley including Delta, Langley, South Surrey and White Rock. To learn more, schedule a consultation.

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