Division of Property

Property division is one of the major components of a separation negotiation when a relationship breaks down. Asset and debt division is necessary for all spouses regardless of whether they were legally married. Couples normally resolve property issues during an out-of-court process such as mediation or collaborative family law, which can be an effective and transparent way of reaching resolution.

Peterson Stark Scott can help you achieve a fair settlement that protects and advances your legal rights. The lawyers at our firm in Surrey have stood by spouses in British Columbia for many decades, providing them with the detailed knowledge and advice they need to make positive choices about their legal options.

Ensure Full Disclosure of Assets and Debts

Regardless of whether property division is settled in court or in a private forum such as mediation or collaborative family law, full financial disclosure on the part of both parties is necessary. This not only ensures that the process is fair, but eliminates the possibility that a court will refuse to enforce an agreement because all financial information was not made available. At Peterson Stark Scott, we take this obligation seriously, focusing on the availability of current and historical financial information.

Our divorce lawyers handle all aspects of property division, key elements of which may include:

In every case, we assess how a property settlement affects the full scope of our client's legal standing. A settlement may have tax implications. It may also affect the amount of or entitlement to spousal support. We strive for comprehensive, client-focused service that always puts the client's needs first.

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