Family Business and Asset Valuation

For many couples, determining the value of assets at stake in divorce is complicated. Property can take many forms, from liquid assets such as bank accounts to assets with indeterminate value, such as intellectual property. For this reason, it is essential to trust the services of an experienced and diverse law firm such as Peterson Stark Scott.

Asset valuation, the process of placing a monetary value on an asset with a disputed or unclear worth, is part of our work as lawyers. We rely on the expertise of valuation professionals and external evidence as well as our own experience as longtime practitioners of family law in British Columbia.

Experienced Lawyers for Complex Valuation

Determining a total asset value is difficult when some assets are in dispute. For example, a spouse may hold stocks whose worth goes up and down with the market. He or she may hold the rights to a patent that has not been sold and therefore has unclear worth. Peterson Stark Scott is equipped to handle these complex valuation questions, as our lawyers also maintain a thriving corporate and commercial law practice.

Dividing the Family Business

Family businesses are normally considered family property in a divorce, which means they are subject to division. This can be particularly complicated if both spouses want to remain involved in the business, but do not want to be associated with their soon-to-be former partner. Peterson Stark Scott can help you reason through this aspect of property division, including what might be an appropriate result for you during negotiation.

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