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Real property, such as land and the family home, is often a couple's greatest asset. The family home can be considered family property and therefore subject to division if a couple separates. One or both spouses may have other interests in real estate, including land outside British Columbia, which may complicate negotiations.

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Navigating Ownership, Title and Valuation of Real PropertyLegal Assistant Shelley Riley

Property can be a complex part of asset division in divorce. While spouses can negotiate a final settlement out of court, they may disagree on what happens to the property in question. In particular, when a couple has children, it may be preferable for them to remain living in the family home. Who remains in the home with the children is therefore directly related to parenting arrangements and who will retain title to the property.

If spouses jointly own the property, one may buy the other out, or the home may be sold. Valuation of the property can therefore have a direct bearing on the final settlement between spouses. Additionally, the nature of a property transfer can have tax implications for both spouses. If one spouse owns property outside of British Columbia, there may be additional complications.

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