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June 2015 Archives

Filing a family order to gain contact with a grandchild

In every British Columbia court case involving the welfare of children, judges consider the child's best interests above the wishes of all other parties. This is true whether the family law issue surrounds a child custody disagreement or a grandparent's rights to maintain a relationship with a grandchild.

Why and how divorce mediation works

Some people who handle complex business negotiations flawlessly would never have the same luck resolving legal matters at the end of a marriage. There's a good reason for that. You don't have to have an emotional investment in a business deal, but it's difficult to put aside feelings when a dispute involves divorce issues.

Separation agreements by mutual consent

Compromise isn't the easiest thing to do when a couple chooses to separate. However, cooperation can go a long way to reducing the stress often associated with a break-up and the financial costs of taking personal issues to court. Collaborative law services through Petersen Stark Scott can be beneficial to British Columbia spouses who want to avoid these additional hardships.

Fathers’ time: Making the most of contact with children

Men can have a hard time seeing their children living in a different place with an ex-spouse they once loved. Some fathers in British Columbia, confined to visitation plans after divorce, view children across boundaries they no longer can cross. They worry the distance created by the end of a marriage will cause them to lose connections with their kids.