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July 2015 Archives

Custody extradition cases hang in the balance

A woman who endured years of physical and sexual abuse at the hands of her second husband was forced to leave three children with their father. The violence, the couple's divorce and the forced separation occurred in the United States. The mother found her way to Canada five years ago when she and her children attempted to escape the savage beatings by the woman's former husband.

How do I protect my share of family assets during divorce?

Spouses in British Columbia must follow legal guidelines outlined in the provincial Family Relations Act to distribute property between them during a separation or divorce. Property known as family assets is required to be split just as property outside that classification remains separate.

What is family property and how is it divided?

The Family Law Act affects the way separated and divorcing couples in British Columbia split property when no prearranged agreement exists. A change in the law in 2013 created property division rules affecting both married and unmarried spouses. The FLA defines spouses as married individuals or unmarried couples who lived in a marriage-like state for a minimum of two years.