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October 2015 Archives

Grandparents may be governed by Family Law Act

In many cases there are multiple people who help in raising children. In addition to parents, grandparents can play an important role. This is true regardless of the form the family unit takes. As is the case where parents are concerned, certain aspects of a child's relationship with his or her grandparents could be governed by the Family Law Act. A case recently decided by a B.C. provincial court judge, illustrates this.

Dividing property under the Family Law Act

When a relationship between a couple comes to an end there may be more to it than the emotional aspect. If a couple is married or lived as common-law spouses, steps will have to be taken to address how assets and debts will be divided. In British Columbia this involves the application of the Family Law Act.  The act will be applicable when a couple is in the process of divorcing or ending a relationship characterized as “marriage like” that lasted a minimum of two years. 

What is the role of a lawyer in family law mediations?

When it comes to dealing with family law matters in British Columbia, there are several routes that may be taken. One of those options is mediation. In this process a third party helps the parties involved reach an agreement regarding the matter at issue. He or she does not actual make any decisions regarding a settlement.

Child support when one parent makes more than the other

As anyone who has children knows, they can be expensive. Because of this, it is not surprising that when a couple with children decides to end their relationship, a major issue that needs to be resolved is who will cover the various costs associated with raising the kids. A couple does not need to be married for this situation to arise.

BC woman seeks return of children allegedly abducted by father

There is no question that when parents of children split, having to divide the time spent with them can be difficult. Because of this, for many, establishing a custody arrangement is one of the most stressful parts of ending a relationship. While there is likely a sense of relief once a plan has been created, this does not mean that issues related to the matter are handled for good. A mother in British Columbia knows this all too well.