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November 2015 Archives

Going to court not always the best approach in family law matters

Securing the custody and guardianship of children, along with access to the children following the breakup of a relationship is a priority for many. How an agreement regarding these matters will be reached varies from situation to situation and while some couples are able to come to an agreement via mediation or the collaborative separation process, others opt to go to court. The way in which a matter will be decided at court is never guaranteed. This is true during the initial split or later, when one parent seeks to modify the previous order or agreement. It also makes no difference whether the couple was married or involved in a common-law marriage.

Considerations for retirees after reaching property settlement

When a relationship ends the matters that need to be addressed will vary depending on a variety of factors including the age of the couple. For example, while young people with children may be focused on child custody and child support matters, those who are a little older are more likely concerned with their financial situation. Depending how the finances were handled when together, after divorcing or ending their common-law marriage, some individuals may struggle with finances. While people of either gender could of course find themselves in this position, it is commonly women.

When a couple separates it's advisable to contact a lawyer

When a couple in British Columbia decides to end their relationship, they may not know what steps to take. Whether they were married and getting a divorce or lived together for a period of time in a marriage-like relationship (also known as a "common-law" relationship) which is ending, there are many things that may need to be addressed. These seperations are often complicated and among other things, couples may need to work through:

Tips for incorporating 'conscious uncoupling' into your split

The term “conscious uncoupling” is one that has entered the vocabulary of many over the course of the past couple of years. Though initially introduced to the world in the context of the decision of one famous couple to split, the idea behind it can be applied to any relationship that comes to an end. In short, the basic tenant of conscious uncoupling is to find a way to move forward from the split peacefully. The author of a book on the topic recently shared some of the ways couples can go about consciously uncoupling.