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January 2016 Archives

How is family debt handled in split?

Upon the end of a marriage or common-law relationship, each couple will have various issues to address. While the division of assets is often the focus, there is a related component that also needs to be considered--the division of debts. Under the Family Law Act, the approach for this will be the same regardless of whether a couple was formally married or living in a common-law relationship for a minimum of two years. 

Mediation may be used to resolve family law matter

In our last post we wrote about the way in which couples who are divorcing, or ending their common-law relationship, might use the collaborative process to help sort out the various issues that need to be addressed. That is not the only way that these matters can be addressed without going to court. Family Law Mediation is another option that couples who are looking for a civil resolution, and are willing to work together, might pursue.

Collaborative Law a good approach for family law matters

In the course of ending any relationship, there are a many decisions that need to be made. Before worrying about what will happen to a house or who will have care and custody of children, a determination needs to be made regarding how these decisions will be made. The best option will vary depending on each couple. Collaborative law is an excellent option in some family law matter.

Spousal support in British Columbia

Every relationship is different. Accordingly, when one comes to an end, the issues that will need to be addressed vary. For some, spousal support will be a major focus. This is true not only in the cases of divorce but when a couple is engaged in a common law marriage as well.