Collaborative Law a good approach for family law matters

In the course of ending any relationship, there are a many decisions that need to be made. Before worrying about what will happen to a house or who will have care and custody of children, a determination needs to be made regarding how these decisions will be made. The best option will vary depending on each couple. Collaborative law is an excellent option in some family law matter.

There are times when a couple is simply not able to work through the issues related to their split, in a civil manner. In these situations going to court to settle the matter may be unavoidable. When, however, a couple is able to have civil conversations and look at the bigger picture, an alternative approach--such as Collaborative Law--may be available.

People who opt for the collaborative law approach work with a lawyer who is collaboratively trained. Together, those collaborative family lawyers help couples work through the various issues that need to be addressed and resolved. In some cases, other individuals, such as financial professionals (often called financial neturals), child specialists and seperation coaches will, often as a team, an individual as he or she works through an issue.  The overall approach is to work with the family and help the family mover forward as they transition to a new relationship.

While people in many situations could benefit from this approach, those who have children are often drawn to this method. Since couples with children will always be tied together by their kids, it is usually a good idea to find a way to work through matters that are sure to arise as the years pass. In addition, it can be a less expensive approach that takes less time than using the court process.  Collaborative Law also allows the parties to craft an arrangement that works best for that family.

As is the case in any situation when the assistance of a lawyer is required, when it comes to using collaborative family law to address matters related to the end of a divorce or common-law marriage, the individual selected is important.

Peterson Stark Scott's senior family lawyers are well trained and experienced in using the Collaborative Family Law process.  Contact us to discuss your goals, needs and options.

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