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Lawyer can help with matters related to family violence

There are multiple reasons why a couple that are married, or in a common-law relationship, decide to end it. In some cases domestic abuse plays a role. A study recently released by Statistics Canada, provides a snapshot of family violence in Canada. The study was based on the results of the 2014 General Social Survey.

Breakup issues of same-sex couples same as those of opposite sex

Opposite-sex couples are not the only ones that opt to cohabitate or marry and have family law issues.  Same-sex couples also enter into relationships with each other in these ways. When the relationships between same-sex couples end, they must address the same matters opposite-sex couples face. This is true regardless of whether the same-sex couple marries or decides to live together as a couple in a common-law relationship.  It is possible that in the future, there will be more same-sex marriages. This shift is due at least in part to pressure placed upon these couples by society.

Create plan for business in case relationship ends

Working through issues related to the end of a relationship is generally difficult, in particular when property division involves a business. Dealing with the distribution of assets generally and specifically can be complex. The Family Law Act says that British Columbia common-law couples (together for two years or more) have the same rights to property division as do married couples. Dealing with division of assets needs to be considered both in the case of a divorce as well as the end of common-law relationships.

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