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March 2016 Archives

Process in place for guardians seeking to relocate

Determining a custody arrangement of children after a couple decides to end a relationship is often one of the most difficult matters that needs to be addressed. While all parties involved may feel a sense of relief once an agreement is reached, this is not always the end of it. As time passes so too do the circumstances and needs of those involved. In some situations it may be possible to change an agreement. This might arise if one parent is thinking about moving to an area that would make it difficult for both parents to regularly see their children.

Is family law reform on the horizon in B.C.?

There is no question that the legal system can be complex and difficult to navigate. It is likely that many individuals who have used the system to resolve a family law matter are all too aware of this. Because an adversarial system may cause some to abandon their case, the group Access to Justice BC aspires to make it less so.

No variance in spousal support after rise in marital home value

In our last post we wrote about reasons why someone who is splitting from his or her significant other might receive spousal support. As is the case with some other family law matters—such as child support and child custody—a spousal support order is not set in stone. In certain situations it can be modified to meet the changing needs and circumstances of the parties involved. Whether the circumstances will rise to the standard that necessitates a change will depend on a variety of factors. Recently, a man whose ex-wife resides in Vancouver was not successful in varying his spousal support payments.

The purpose of spousal support

When a relationship comes to an end in some cases it may be possible for one party to the relationship to secure spousal support from the other. Because every situation is different it will not be automatically awarded. There are certain objectives that spousal support is designed to meet. In British Columbia, this is true regardless of whether the couple splitting was married or involved in a common-law relationship of several years.

Using mediation in conjunction with family law matters

When it comes to most disputes there are many ways a matter might be resolved. One of those approaches is mediation. In the course of a mediation, the parties seeking to resolve issues will work with a neutral third party. With that individual's assistance the parties work together to come to an agreement on the disputed matters.