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July 2016 Archives

Judge Officially Withdraws From Hearing Divorced Couple’s Conflict

In a lengthy decision issued in June, provincial court judge Bryce Dyer signed off from further involvement with a B.C. couple locked in a long, bitter divorce battle. The case illustrates the difficulties of high-conflict cases where parents refuse to compromise and kids are caught in the middle.

When Family Property Is Divided Unequally

In British Columbia, the law states that when a married or common law couple separates, family property and debt are divided 50/50. However, exceptions do exist. Our post this week takes a broad look at the less common circumstances in which spouses may leave the relationship with an unequal division of family property and debt.

Social Media’s Growing Impact On Divorce And Child Access

Divorce, separation and parenting issues have always been riddled with contention and strife. But as contact between children and their absent parents moves through the 21st century, technologies such as text messages, Skype and social media are showing their potential to fuel increased discord between ex-spouses.

Amicable Divorce – The New Face of Separation And Divorce?

Many couples these days are looking for less adversarial solutions to end their relationship. But some are taking things even further. Amicable divorce, friendly divorce however you term it, some couples making radical changes in an effort to craft a peaceful and cooperative coexistence in post-divorce life.