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September 2016 Archives

Changing A Child Support Order – When And How?

As parents, you and your ex-spouse may have signed a written agreement or may be bound under a court order for child support. But what options do you have if you are a payor and feel that you should be paying less, or if you are a recipient and feel that you should be receiving more for the support of your child? Our post this week looks at the reasons and routes you can follow to make changes to an existing child support order.

What Special Or Extraordinary Expenses May Be Covered By Support?

Federal guidelines provide a broad framework for determining basic amounts that one parent pays to the other in support of their child’s maintenance and care. But outside of ordinary support payments, parents may claim amounts for ‘special’ or ‘extraordinary’ expenses. Our post this week looks at what these expenses may encompass.

New B.C. Children's Lawyer Office Could Be Operational By Spring 2017

If events play out as planned by the Law Foundation of B.C., then by next April, British Columbia will become the forth province in Canada to have an official office delivering legal services to one of the country's most vulnerable populations - children and youth.

Official Methods For Enforcing Spousal And Child Support Payments

In the majority of cases, ex-spouses pay their child or spousal support payments as required by court order or a separation agreement. But when a payor begins to default, B.C.’s Family Maintenance Enforcement Program (FMEP) has ways and means to issue penalties and to enforce payment.