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October 2016 Archives

Settling Divorce Through Four Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods

All divorces in British Columbia must be filed with the Court, but disputed issues do not necessarily need to be resolved there also. Couples often start by negotiating the terms of their divorce, but if they reach an impasse on certain issues, they may be able to draw on alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods before taking the final step of having a judge decide for them in Court.

Accurate Asset Valuation — Key To A Fair Division Of Family Property

When deciding on how to divide family property, divorcing parties have the choice of either privately negotiating and drawing up their own written agreement or having a judge decide on the matter. But whichever avenue you decide to pursue, achieving a fair division starts with accurate valuation of every divisible asset.

Financial Disclosure In Separation Agreements

When a couple is able to come to a mutual agreement on the legal issues that will govern their relationship after separation, protracted disputes in court can be avoided and both parties save time, expense and stress. But in order to arrive at a fair agreement, full and honest disclosure of financial information is vital. Our post this week examines the types of financial documents that can help you gain a clear picture of your family’s financial situation before settling the terms of a separation agreement.