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Helping Your Children Adjust Through A Family Breakdown

During separation or divorce, ex-spouses are forced to turn their attention to numerous life-altering changes. Both parties are struggling to balance priorities and make important decisions. In the process, it can be easy to overlook the emotional needs of the children. Our post this week looks at a few tips to help parents support children as the family adjusts to a new stage in life.

Child Custody – What Are The Different Types?

Under the federal Divorce Act, a court may award one of three main types of child custody. Legal custody is separate from the issue of access – that is, the amount of time that a parent spends with a child after divorce. A parent who has custody retains the right and responsibility to make important decisions affecting a child. Our post this week looks at the three main types of child custody.

Parenting Coordination - Help For High-Conflict Parents

Parenting coordination is one of the various processes that separated or divorced parents can draw upon to resolve disputes without resorting to court. This method is best suited for parents who already have a court order of written parenting agreement in place, but who experience high levels of conflict in implementing the terms.

Tips On Working Effectively With A Lawyer Through Separation

In certain situations, an ex-spouse may require a lawyer’s help to ask the court to set aside a signed separation agreement. This can occur in cases where the separation agreement was negotiated without proper information disclosure or a significant imbalance of power between the spouses. Our post this week outlines a few tips that can help facilitate the process for individual parties as they work with their lawyer.

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