January 2017 Archives

How Is Pet Ownership Determined After Separation?

Separation is never easy on families, but it can get even tougher when it involves their pets. Many couples consider pets valued members of the family and their owners often have a strong attachment to them. So, when a couple decide to split, the parties may have difficulty determining ownership of the pet.

Can I Take My Child Out Of The Province For Travel?

In cases where parents are separated or divorced, one parent may want to take a trip with the child where the other parent or guardian is not present. To avoid delays and complications, such parents must be aware of their rights and responsibilities before traveling with children.

Contented And Uncontested Divorce – How They Differ

Divorce is a life-altering change for both parties in a relationship. Couples wishing to officially end their legal bond can only do so by way of a divorce order. Although this always involves a filing with the BC Supreme Court, it does not necessarily mean that all divorcing couples must go through a court trial. Our post this week looks at the difference between the two types of divorce – contested and uncontested.

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