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February 2017 Archives

Basics to know about property division in British Columbia

The accumulated assets of a marriage can sometimes be substantial. In fact, some people may not be aware exactly how extensive their holdings are until it comes time to split them up during a divorce. For those with questions about property division in British Columbia, here some useful facts on the subject.

Assets should not be hidden during property division

When it comes to divorce, both parties typically want to move on as quickly as possible, but with the assurance that a fair settlement has been reached. Understandably, two people who feel they can no longer continue together may have differing ideas on the definition of "fair". At times, some parties may be tempted to eschew full disclosure during the property division process. But is this permissible in British Columbia?

The Rights And Responsibilities Of Step-Parents After Separation

Step-parents tend to have a bad reputation in fiction, but in real life, they often play an important part in their stepchild’s life. If they separate from a child’s biological parent, questions arise over their rights and responsibilities to the child.

Do Grandparents Have Legal Rights To Their Grandchildren?

When a couple separates and divorces, extended family members are often affected by the change in the couple’s status. If a couple have children, the grandparents’ right to have access to their grandchildren can become an issue.