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3 tips that could save money during a divorce

Canadians of all ages continue to end their marriages. The overall divorce rate is at 40 percent, and even older married couples are divorcing at a rate of 10 percent, double what it was in the 1990s. One of the chief concerns for anyone whose marriage is ending is the fate of their finances. Divorce is never free, but there are ways to curb expenses and make sound plans for a new financial situation.

Family law sometimes requires support from non-biological dads

To be a father to a child is not the same as fathering a child. One does not need to be a biological parent to enjoy a loving, parental relationship with a child. However, when the relationship with the mother ends, what family law requirements are there of a non-biological dad to pay child support? A British Columbia mom recently found out one possible answer to that question.

Pre-plan property division with a marriage agreement

A marriage agreement is not the kind of thing two starry-eyed newlyweds discuss across a bistro table at a British Columbia ski resort. It is, however, an important topic for any married couple, especially after assets have accumulated over the years. Though no happily married couple wants to get a divorce, it may be comforting to know that if it should ever happen, the complex and contentious matter of property division is already dealt with.

Prepare for a new financial reality after a divorce

If one has never been the sort to prepare for the future, it may be time to start when the end of a marriage is at hand. Divorce leaves many people in British Columbia in financial situations they did not foresee, and that can make life stressful and challenging. There are some simple techniques, however, that may result in a better outcome.

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