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More facts about property division in British Columbia

When a marriage or marriage-like relationship ends, one life suddenly becomes two. As the couple splits apart, so too must all their belongings. During the process of property division, the combined assets and liabilities of a couple are spread between the former partners before they go off to live separately. Here are some answers to the questions men and women may have about dividing assets in British Columbia.

For the sake of the kids, consider a civilized divorce

When a husband and wife go their separate ways in British Columbia, they only have their own interests to consider. However, when a mother and father get a divorce, there is a lot more at stake. For the sake of the children, parents should strive to approach the situation with respect and consideration. One former couple has made a sensation on the internet with their extremely touching devotion to their son, even after a divorce split the family in two.

When there is no respect in the courtroom, a divorce can go badly

No one expects the end of a marriage to be a pleasant experience. Unfortunately, some people seem to forget that the person on the opposite side of the struggle is a human being with feelings. In the struggle to come out of a divorce with the settlement one desires, it is usually best to remember to act respectfully and with a measure of consideration. A divorce case in British Columbia went horribly wrong for one man when the pressure finally became too much to bear.

Delinquent ex avoids jail, agrees to pay support after divorce

A British Columbia courtroom isn't always the best place to sort out the details of a marriage gone bad. However, sometimes it is necessary to take one's issues there to have them dealt with effectively. For example, failure to pay support can possibly lead to criminal proceedings. One Hollywood celebrity recently learned this first hand when his ex-wife threatened him with allegations of contempt, after he reneged on a divorce settlement and stopped paying court-ordered spousal support.

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