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June 2017 Archives

Charter of Rights impacting British Columbia family law

It took two weeks for British Columbia residents to find out for sure who would be running their province after the recent provincial election. Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms is playing a huge part in family law and other facets of the legal world. For instance, the charter was behind the harrowing wait. The delay was blamed on the counting of absentee ballots. The charter was challenged in the late 1980s when two British Columbians studying law in Ontario weren't given a means to cast absentee votes in the B.C. provincial election. 

Collaborative law offers peaceful alternative to litigation

Just because your marriage is ending does not mean you and your spouse hate each other. In fact, you may have every intention of remaining on good terms, especially if you have children together. One thing that has the potential to destroy that positive relationship is litigation. This is why many divorcing couples in British Columbia are turning to collaborative law as a more dignified way to end their marriages.

How a bad divorce can make children sick, even decades later

Scientists and medical professionals have long believed that there is a connection between emotional health and physical health, and many studies have borne that out. A recent study made a connection between divorce and children's health with a surprising result. The data makes a compelling case for divorcing British Columbia parents to be extremely mindful of how they treat each other around their kids and the importance of co-parenting harmoniously.

Smile for the camera! What's with the divorce selfie phenomenon?

A picture of two people smiling like it's the happiest day of their lives. What exactly is newsworthy about that? It's the fact that the subjects of the picture just got a divorce. It's called a 'divorce selfie,' and its another trend gone viral that's caught the attention of the popular media. The old notion of a mean-spirited divorce followed by a lifetime of scorn, or perhaps indifference, is being turned on its head here in British Columbia and around the world.

Mediation may be one of many ways ease the strain of divorce

No matter what one's reasons are for ending a marriage in British Columbia, it is never an easy process. Legal matters can be stressful, although nonconfrontational divorce methods like mediation may help. According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, feeling strong emotions during a divorce is normal. However, if they aren't managed properly, the stresses of a divorce can cause lasting mental health issues. The CMHA offers many tips on how to reduce the emotional impact of divorce, some of which are listed below.