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Getting the most from a divorce settlement in British Columbia

Ending a marriage is never easy, but it can be fair to both parties. Mediation goes a long way to help British Columbia couples going through a divorce to settle things fairly and amicably. In addition to lawyers, financial planners might also be a part of the team to help individuals get the most from their settlements in terms of looking at each person's financial needs during the divorce process.

Same-sex divorce and property division in British Columbia

Marriage is different in the 21st century and so is divorce. With same-sex marriage legal in Canada, same-sex spouses who are divorcing have similar issues to address. One of those concerns is property division. Laws affecting most marriage and family issues are put in place by individual provinces. In British Columbia same-sex couples have the same rights as heterosexual couples do when it comes to family law.

British Columbia family law: Registering kids as gender unknown

Canada is generally known as a progressive country. That progression may continue if babies born in Canada need not be registered as either male or female, but as gender unknown. A child born in British Columbia was issued a gender non-specific health card -- the first in the world. Some rules under the family law umbrella continue to evolve.

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