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Family law: The fairness factor of spousal support

Life can seem unfair at times. When a British Columbia couple breaks up, there are family law rules in place to ensure there is as much fairness as possible in the divorce process. However, a former partner who pays spousal support may not see it that way. If a couple can't come to an agreement on a figure, a judge will do it for them, so there is a lot to say about trying to work out a settlement.

Understanding property division laws could help prevent disputes

When couples in British Columbia end their relationships, there are often two primary concerns -- what happens to their children and what happens to their property. Unless you entered into an agreement prior to your relationship that divides your property upon divorce, you will need to address this issue during your proceedings. You will also need to go through this process if your common law relationship lasted for a minimum of two years.

Family law: Some kids' places off limits after divorce

Children are especially vulnerable after their parents divorce. Kids in British Columbia need places where they feel safe and they're away from the possible angst created by their parents' divorces. Most often, those places are day cares or schools. Those places are usually havens for children whose parents are involved in divorce proceedings, and when parents bring their family law issues into those settings it can be especially disturbing for their kids.

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