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Family law: Woman given OK to use in vitro embryos

A woman who wanted to use frozen embryos to conceive a child after she divorced from her husband has been given the go-ahead by a judge. These kinds of decisions in British Columbia as well as the rest of the country come under the family law umbrella. The woman's former husband did not agree with her wish, so they woman pursued the legal avenue.

Divorce for older couples can create financial hardship

Couples who have been married for many years most likely have amassed many assets together. When an older married couple in British Columbia -- for whatever reasons -- decides to call it quits, there may be a lot at stake financially. Divorce later in life comes with its own set of problems.

Family law: British Columbia divorce files publicly accessible

Marriage and divorce are federally mandated in Canada, but most other family law issues fall under widely varying provincial laws. Divorce records in British Columbia and others in provinces and territories -- with the exception of Quebec -- aren't sealed and so every personal detail can be publicly scrutinized.

How much say should teens have in their parents' divorce?

Teenagers usually have very definitive thoughts about things and are at an age where they like to assert their feelings. But when a teen's parents divorce, should he or she have a say in what transpires in the process? One British Columbia Court of Appeal judge thinks not, at least in one particular case.

Can divorce affect British Columbia residents' careers?

There is no denying that life after a marital breakup changes. But, can divorce also affect a British Columbia resident's professional life as well? Most people work hard in their careers. They aim to excel in their chosen professions, so there are some things that can be done to prevent what is happening in life personally from impeding life professionally.

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