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Divorce no longer seen as the societal taboo it once was

There used to be a time decades ago when no one talked about a couple separating. Those embroiled in a divorce were treated somewhat like social pariahs. Today, however, divorce is seen by many separating couples in British Columbia as a reason to celebrate rather than to hide one's head in the sand. For the most part, the negatives associated with divorce have vanished. 

New language could help British Columbia co-parents raise kids

There is an old adage that says doing things the same way all the time and expecting different results is par for insanity. Such is the same when it comes to divorced parents who co-parent their children. When British Columbia parents co-parent their children from different perspectives, problems may arise, so learning how to communicate with each other in a new way with the help of family law tools may be the answer to getting onto the same page regarding matters involving kids.

When property division becomes problematic in a divorce

Couples who are heading for divorce obviously have had clashes of communication and likely don't see eye to eye on many issues. When divorcing British Columbia couples don't agree on property division, they have two choices -- each can get the help of a family law professional to help sort out the problems or head to court and let a judge decide. Alternative dispute resolution may be the answer to save going the family court route.

Family law: Judge supports teen's desire to transition genders

A judge recently ruled in favour of a 14-year-old female beginning testosterone injections so she can begin the transition to the male gender, despite the fact the teen's father isn't in agreement. The British Columbia judge went a step further in this family law proceeding and ruled that if the youth was referred to by her birth name or gender it would constitute family violence. If the court finds that has occurred, parents could lose custody or access to the child.

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