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Alienation in divorce in British Columbia may come at a high cost

It is usually safe to say that couples who are ending their relationships may not see eye-to-eye on many issues. British Columbia residents who are facing divorce may be at odds on most things, but adding fuel to the fire by alienating a former partner or spouse may mean having to dig deep into a pocket to foot the cost of family court. Often, contentious issues between former spouses may involve children and not being able to agree on important points might come at a cost.

Can family law order force someone to pay vehicle insurance?

Court orders can accomplish many things. But can a British Columbia family law court order be enforced when  it directs a vehicle owner to insure a vehicle that is to be transferred to a former spouse? The British Columbia Supreme Court ruled no after a separating couple were embroiled in a financial dispute over whether they were actually considered to be spouses. Although their trial is set for June, the issue of ownership and insurance on a van was brought into question. 

Family law: When mental health issues figure in custody decisions

Divorce situations can be embroiled with all kinds of issues. Parents may often be at odds regarding the custody of their children. British Columbia family law always has the best interests of children at heart and there are times when a parent's mental health comes into play and the individual's therapy records could be used by a family court judge to make custody and access decisions.

Reassuring children of divorce they still have a family

Parents who are divorcing need to reassure their children about many things, including allaying any insecurities they may have as their parents separate. When British Columbia parents make the decision to divorce, it's likely their children may take it harder than they do. Parents need to remind their kids that they will still be a part of a family and they will always be loved as always by each parent, even if they don't live under the same roof.

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