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Divorce comparisons may make the going tougher

Couple's marriages can break down for many reasons. Not all marriages are cut from the same cloth, and the issues that cause some British Columbia couples to divorce may be completely different from those of other couples. Divorces can be as unique as the individuals who are separating, so comparisons may actually not bode well for any couple looking to separate with the least angst possible.

Family law: Mother fights to have children returned to Canada

A mother is fighting to get her daughters returned to the country after their father removed them from the country after the couple's marriage ended. Family law rules in British Columbia and in other provinces can be complicated when it comes to these types of issues, particularly when the laws of two countries come into play. A Canadian court has ordered the father to return the girls to Canada, but the issue is now before the court in the country in which the father and the girls are residing.

Family law: When a common law partner skips out on the debt

When a couple decides that living together is the next step in their relationship, each may want to safeguard their assets since common law unions aren't governed by the same rules as marriage affords. It is true that there are certain family law rules that speak to common law unions in British Columbia, but if one common law partner wants to leave the other with debt, it might be hard to recoup. It's not always cut and dried since many factors can come into play.

Maintaining a sense of decorum in the divorce process

A couple who was worth billions of dollars might be able to teach others how to end a marriage amicably. British Columbia residents may be aware of the recent divorce of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his now former wife, MacKenzie. Even with billions of dollars on the line, the couple was able to end their marriage without a bang, but rather a consensual whisper. 

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