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Family law in British Columbia: The purpose of interim orders

Interim orders are sometimes necessary when it comes to children of divorce. When a family law case is happening in British Columbia, an interim order may be needed to help with urgent or important issues surrounding children. These types of orders can stop a parent from taking a child out of the area or for financial help with children.

Can dogs be a tool in the mediation process?

There are a number of emotional areas of the law. Mediation can be one of those processes that can be emotionally taxing, and there may be help for British Columbia residents having a tough time going through the family mediation process: having an even-tempered, tail-wagging friend in the room. Apparently, a dog can be a man, woman and child's best friend when it comes to emotional legal proceedings like mediation.

Strife during divorce may affect children adversely

No one may be as affected by a marital split than a child. Divorce is usually a difficult process for a British Columbia couple to go through, but it may be even more so for their children. In fact, the fallout of divorce may create behaviours in a child that usually wouldn't be typical of him or her. It may be harder for a child to concentrate on tasks, may cause a child to fidget more or create hardship when needing to manage tasks -- especially at school.

Family law: Sharing major lottery winnings with a former spouse

Hitting the lottery jackpot would make most people jump up and down for joy. But the delight might be short-lived for divorced British Columbia residents who get a windfall if they have to share the winnings with a former spouse. These are the types of issues that fall under the provincial family law umbrella, but they're not always so cut and dried.

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