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The cost of hiding assets during a divorce

When couples decide to end their marriages, very often the claws come out. Although lawyers advise their clients in British Columbia to disclose all their assets to their spouses in divorce situations, that isn't always what happens. It also doesn't mean that the person's former spouse will automatically get some of those hidden assets.

Tax ramifications associated with divorce

There are tax consequences associated with the end of a marriage. Some British Columbia couples are not prepared for the financial consequences after having made the decision to divorce and that may cause even more stress. According to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), a couple is considered to be separated if they have lived apart as a couple for at least 90 days and when separated the CRA will tax a resident as an individual.

Property division: What happens to the house after a split?

When living under one roof becomes more than couples can bear, they may decide it's time to end their relationships. British Columbia residents who are married or living in common law unions have many things with which they need to come to terms. One of the decisions that has to be made upon the dissolution of a marriage or common law relationship, is property division. 

A new age of the happy divorce

Decades ago, no one ever talked about a couple splitting up. Divorce was like a bad word in the 1930s and 40s and only become somewhat acceptable socially moving into the 50s. But today, British Columbia couples who make the decision that their marriages are no longer working and choose to separate or divorce are actually celebrating their new-found freedoms with aplomb.

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