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Property division: Understanding what's included

Separating or divorcing means a couple still has to take care of a lot of business. One of the issues about which decisions need to be made is property division. That hasn't been easy for many British Columbia couples in light of the volatile real estate market and escalating property values, but there are distinct rules in place governed by the Family Law Act. For example, family property is any property owned by both spouses on the date of separation no matter in whose name the property is registered and that means that property must be divided equally among the individuals.

Collaborative law offers a peaceful way to divorce

When British Columbia spouses decide to end their marriages, they may be reluctant to begin divorce proceedings. This is often because divorce is traditionally a contentious and stressful time that may become more divisive and bitter as the process evolves. Many more couples are looking at collaborative law as a more peaceful method of ending their marriages.

How divorce can affect financial and mental health

There are many areas of life that can be affected when a couple decides to part ways. Not only can divorce create financial hardship for each individual, but it may also have an effect on a person's mental health. British Columbia residents who are going through a divorce or separation are usually stressed about their financial situations, which -- in turn -- can wreak havoc with their overall well-being, including mental health. 

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