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Family law: Salmonella from exotic pets could affect children

Studies have shown that it's important for children to have pets. British Columbia family law stipulates that the best interests of children always be at the forefront of any decisions made concerning them, but when unconventional pets can cause children to become sick, is that really keeping in line with that rule? The country's public health agency is asking the owners of exotic pets to practice good hygiene habits since six provinces have seen an outbreak of salmonella due to pet snakes, pet rodents and rodents used for food for other exotic pets.

Divorce: Should a payee get more money after payor gets a raise?

One of the most contentious issues when it comes to family law is how much one spouse pays to another after increases in income. When couples divorce, one spouse often has to pay support to the other. But what happens if the payor gets a hefty salary increase at work or additional bonuses that weren't factored into the initial agreement? That is what one separated British Columbia recently had to deal with.

Property division: The meaning of patrimony

There may be a term bandied about during the divorce process of which some couples may not be aware: patrimony. Essentially, in British Columbia -- as in the rest of the country -- patrimony refers to property division whether a couple is married or living in a common law relationship (or civil union). Family patrimony is comprised of the assets a couple shares that are up for division at separation or divorce and some of these assets fall under this category no matter to whom they originally belonged. 

Family law: Getting on the same page regarding parenting style

It's never easy when divorced parents -- or any parents, for that matter -- have different parenting styles. Raising children can be much less daunting when two people are on the same page on how to do so regarding things like punishment, education, health care, values, religion and the like. Luckily, British Columbia parents are guided by family law when it comes to doing what is in the best interests of their children.

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