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Can dogs be a tool in the mediation process?

There are a number of emotional areas of the law. Mediation can be one of those processes that can be emotionally taxing, and there may be help for British Columbia residents having a tough time going through the family mediation process: having an even-tempered, tail-wagging friend in the room. Apparently, a dog can be a man, woman and child's best friend when it comes to emotional legal proceedings like mediation.

Divorce in British Columbia: Is mediation right for you?

Coming to an amicable agreement during a divorce may take some work. After all, a couple is likely divorcing because they can't agree on major issues within a marriage. So divorce mediation in British Columbia may help to smooth out some of the rough patches that couples face when coming to a divorce settlement. A mediator may be worth his or her weight in gold in this respect.

When things get tough, many divorcing couples turn to mediation

The last thing most couples who are divorcing want is added tension during the process. To keep things as civil as possible, many British Columbia couples are opting for divorce help, such as alternative dispute resolution or mediation. When a divorce ends up in litigation, it is harder for everyone involved, and that could include children.

Choosing Family Law Mediation

In part due to British Columbia’s Family Law Act, mediation has become an increasingly popular way to work towards dispute resolution in divorce. From handling child custody matters to resolving property division issues, mediation can be an effective, solution-oriented way of navigating the separation and divorce process.

B.C. divorce mediation: Who gets the four-legged family member?

Most people think of their pets as part of the family. So, when a British Columbia couple is splitting up, divorce mediation may be necessary to sort out who gets Fido the pooch and/or Fluffy the kitty. But there may be one person favoured by the pet, and when a decision needs to be made regarding an animal, it may be in the animal's best interest to be with the one to whom it is closest.

B.C. divorce mediation: Bringing dignity into the divorce process

When it comes to volatility, there is probably no other situation fraught with such high-intensity emotion than divorce. Those emotions can be diffused amongst divorcing couples in British Columbia through divorce mediation, which can bring back the dignity into a sometimes otherwise undignified situation. There are many ways a divorcing couple today can lessen the stress between them and for their children and other family members.

B.C. divorce mediation helps fashion parenting plan checklist

Divorcing couples with children would do well to adopt a parenting plan checklist when it comes to co-parenting their children. Moving forward amidst separation, divorce mediation for separating British Columbia couples may make the difference between a relatively amicable situation and one that is wrought with anger, frustration and fear. Part of those mediation sessions should include the development of a checklist.

Mediation may be one of many ways ease the strain of divorce

No matter what one's reasons are for ending a marriage in British Columbia, it is never an easy process. Legal matters can be stressful, although nonconfrontational divorce methods like mediation may help. According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, feeling strong emotions during a divorce is normal. However, if they aren't managed properly, the stresses of a divorce can cause lasting mental health issues. The CMHA offers many tips on how to reduce the emotional impact of divorce, some of which are listed below.

Mediation may be key to avoiding divorce-related health issues

The fact that a divorce can be stressful and emotional will come as no surprise to anyone. What might be surprising to some is that a messy divorce may have a negative effect on the physical health of children. For divorcing parents in British Columbia, choosing mediation over litigation may help to mitigate the effects.

Choosing mediation in BC is a good idea, but who will mediate?

People living in British Columbia have a range of divorce options that did not exist not so many years ago. Rather than going to court, many divorcing couples choose a form of alternative dispute resolution to sort out their marital dissolution in a less confrontational manner. Mediation is proving to be among the most popular choices. However, what guarantees do people have as to the quality of mediators available to them?

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