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Posts tagged "Divorce"

Divorce selfies showing some breakups are amicable

Many people are using social media sites today to post photos of their life events. Whether it's a wedding, a birthday, an anniversary or a family vacation, people in British Columbia and elsewhere are letting their friends and family members peek into their lives via the internet. Add to this list divorce selfies, which show just how amicable most divorces are these days.

The positives of bonus grandparents in divorce situations

Many families look different today than they did decades ago. When British Columbia couples who are part of blended families make the decision to divorce, the role of bonus grandparents can prove to be invaluable for the welfare of children who are being co-parented. The seniors can provide a wealth of unconditional love to children going through the pain of divorce even when they're not related to the children by blood.

Divorce and the division of pension funds in British Columbia

When a couple divorces, there are rules to follow when it comes to both the division of assets and debts. When one partner is in the military and will or does receive a pension, his or her spouse may be entitled to part of those funds. These types of issues can be decided during a mediation process regarding divorce settlement, if a British Columbia couple chooses to go that route rather than heading to court.

Divorce Act geared toward British Columbia middle class

Couples who have a high net worth and who are heading for a breakup may be facing more issues than their middle class counterparts. It seems the federal Divorce Act was written with middle income earners in mind and British Columbia couples who have more than one property, multiple assets, a business or businesses and substantial investment portfolios, may have a tougher time navigating the divorce waters. Millions of dollars are likely at stake in these complex cases.

Divorce and the name game in British Columbia

There is a lot to be said for a name. A person's surname is part of who that person is and when a woman takes her husband's last name after they've married, it may be difficult for her to renounce it should she and her husband ever divorce. In British Columbia, as in other areas of the country, a name can be associated with many things -- notoriety, wealth, social standing and prestige, to name a few.

What to know about divorce in 2019

Couples who are considering divorce in 2019 should arm themselves with some important information. January seems to be divorce month in British Columbia as well as in the rest of the country. But before making a life-altering decision, a couple might do well to weigh their options, especially when it comes to potential financial fallout of separating. 

Rethink nasty emails during a divorce situation

Many people use technology to try to get their points across. Texting and email seem to be the normal way of communicating today. Records of this type of correspondence are relatively easy to access and in a divorce situation might be used to make crucial decisions. Canada has what is known as no fault divorce, but the courts can use electronic correspondence to make decisions regarding such important issues as child support, among others.

Divorce May Be More Financially Difficult For Older Couples

Marriage may be easier on the pocketbook than living the single life might be. Two incomes -- which is usually the case in British Columbia households today -- definitely ups the spending limit. When it comes to divorce, it may be tougher going for couples who have married for many years since they may have been so used to relying on each financially. 

Sorting Out Fact From Fiction When It Comes To Divorce

There are a few myths regarding divorce and some people continue to buy into them. For British Columbia couples who are headed for divorce, it's important to be able to sort out fact from fiction. Such important, life-changing decisions should be made with the proper information.

Divorce among Muslims in Canada leaves women vulnerable

Some marriages end and it doesn't matter from what cultural background a couple comes. Religion does play a role in how many cultures view divorce, though. The end of a marriage for a Muslim woman in Canada may come with its own set of problems. Even if her husband is the one who chooses to leave the relationship, a Muslim woman is stigmatized by her culture.