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Posts tagged "Divorce"

Rethink nasty emails during a divorce situation

Many people use technology to try to get their points across. Texting and email seem to be the normal way of communicating today. Records of this type of correspondence are relatively easy to access and in a divorce situation might be used to make crucial decisions. Canada has what is known as no fault divorce, but the courts can use electronic correspondence to make decisions regarding such important issues as child support, among others.

Divorce May Be More Financially Difficult For Older Couples

Marriage may be easier on the pocketbook than living the single life might be. Two incomes -- which is usually the case in British Columbia households today -- definitely ups the spending limit. When it comes to divorce, it may be tougher going for couples who have married for many years since they may have been so used to relying on each financially. 

Sorting Out Fact From Fiction When It Comes To Divorce

There are a few myths regarding divorce and some people continue to buy into them. For British Columbia couples who are headed for divorce, it's important to be able to sort out fact from fiction. Such important, life-changing decisions should be made with the proper information.

Divorce among Muslims in Canada leaves women vulnerable

Some marriages end and it doesn't matter from what cultural background a couple comes. Religion does play a role in how many cultures view divorce, though. The end of a marriage for a Muslim woman in Canada may come with its own set of problems. Even if her husband is the one who chooses to leave the relationship, a Muslim woman is stigmatized by her culture.

Navigating a divorce in British Columbia with a bully at the helm

Married couples obviously decide to separate for good reasons. Usually there has been a communication breakdown to the nth degree that causes a British Columbia couple to divorce. But divorce often has a way of making a situation even worse and can bring out the bully in some spouses. Dealing with that sort of behaviour can be challenging, especially in the midst of a divorce.

Issues that could lead married couples to the divorce table

The issues that lead to a marital breakup usually fester over time until the wound is too infected to heal. If couples knew how to nip problems in the bud, perhaps they wouldn't find themselves ultimately having the divorce talk. So, there are some signs of which British Columbia couples should be aware that could signal potential problems in their marriages.

A tactful way to divorce in the age of social media

In the age of social media, it seems that very little is kept personal. It used to be that divorce in British Columbia was not a topic for small talk -- not for discussion at all -- but with sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, it seems people's personal affairs are fodder for discussion in the 21st century. There is still a tactful way to end a marriage today, even if everyone and his or her uncle seems to be talking about everyone else's business.

Differences, similarities of LGBTQ divorce in Canada

Same-sex couples go through some of the same problems as their heterosexual counterparts. Marriage isn't for the faint of heart at times, and there are instances when it just stops working and married couples decide it would be best to divorce. But there may be some differences when it comes to same-sex couples in Canada calling it quits.

Does infidelity play a part in British Columbia divorce?

Cheating hearts play into the reasons why couple may split up, but infidelity as a legal grounds for divorce must be accompanied by physical evidence. Besides, British Columbia -- and all provinces in Canada -- have what is known as no-fault divorce. So basically the only way adultery plays a part in a divorce situation is if said adultery had an impact on family finances in the marriage or if it affected the capacity to make child support payments.

Young kids in British Columbia and their best divorce scenario

Children often bear the biggest hurt when their parents split up. Even young children -- those who aren't in school yet -- are likely to realize that something has changed. A study has showed that young children of divorce who spend equal time with both parents (rather than one parent having sole custody) do much better in dealing with the changes in their lives that divorce brings. Kids in British Columbia who are co-parented act out less and seem to be more well-adjusted emotionally.