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January seems to be divorce month in British Columbia

Once December's merrymaking comes to an end and life gets back to some semblance of normality, the new year can be a time when some couples have the serious breakup talk. In British Columbia, January seems to have been labelled as the month for divorce talks and there may be many reasons for this. It may be that a couple has been thinking of separating for a while, but both people decided to wait until the holidays have passed, especially when children are involved. 

Divorce doesn't need to have negative effects on kids

If parents go about splitting up in a way that feels like the war of the worlds, it could have a long-lasting effect on their kids. There is no getting around it, divorce in the best of circumstances is difficult, but when British Columbia parents keep their children out of the lines of fire, they truly are acting in their kids' best interests. Divorce always leaves some impact on everyone involved, but staying in an unhappy marriage is, according to experts, even more detrimental to everyone's mental health.

The wisdom of divorce after years of being separated

When a couple has been separated for many years, they may be asking whether it's a good idea to make the split legal. British Columbia married couples who are thinking about divorce after living apart for years should really look at all the issues involved when making the final cut to their relationship regardless of how many years they've been apart.  They really have to look at their own situation and what they would be losing. 

Divorce for older couples can create financial hardship

Couples who have been married for many years most likely have amassed many assets together. When an older married couple in British Columbia -- for whatever reasons -- decides to call it quits, there may be a lot at stake financially. Divorce later in life comes with its own set of problems.

How much say should teens have in their parents' divorce?

Teenagers usually have very definitive thoughts about things and are at an age where they like to assert their feelings. But when a teen's parents divorce, should he or she have a say in what transpires in the process? One British Columbia Court of Appeal judge thinks not, at least in one particular case.

Can divorce affect British Columbia residents' careers?

There is no denying that life after a marital breakup changes. But, can divorce also affect a British Columbia resident's professional life as well? Most people work hard in their careers. They aim to excel in their chosen professions, so there are some things that can be done to prevent what is happening in life personally from impeding life professionally.

The Complexities Of Spousal Support In British Columbia Divorces

What happens when a couple used to the finer things in life gets divorced? In some cases, it could depend on the real estate market or a host of other seemingly unrelated factors. Spousal support, or money that is paid to one spouse by the other following a divorce, is assessed based on a range of factors. The intention behind spousal support is to ensure that neither party suffers from economic hardship as a result of the marriage’s breakdown and often takes into account the length of the relationship, economic positions, and the role that each spouse played in the relationship.

Do marriage counsellors ever recommend divorce?

Most couples having problems want to try everything to work things out. No one gets married with the idea that the union will end in divorce. But if a British Columbia couple has gone through the gamut of tools in their arsenal to try to work things out and nothing seems to be working, does a therapist ever suggest that perhaps divorce is the answer after all? 

Catching a financial cheater in the divorce process in Canada

When separation means having to share certain assets, there may be occasion when one spouse is less than stellar when it comes to being transparent about all earnings or assets. Divorce in Canada can bring out the worst in some people and that includes greediness. So, it may be necessary for one spouse to catch the other spouse who is being dishonest about finances.

The legalities surrounding property upon divorce or separation

What happens to property when a couple splits up depends upon their status. If a couple in Canada is married, the spouses have definitive ways in which property is divided. That isn't so if a couple has been in a common law union. Married couples who separate haven't formally ended the marriage until they are granted a divorce. As soon as a common law couple decide to call it quits, that's the end of the relationship and no legal formalities are needed.

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